The production of high quality merino wool depends on good animal husbandry and land management to produce excellent fibres on healthy animals in a balanced ecosystem. To ensure this, we exclusively use yarns certified according to the SustainaWOOL GREEN, RWS and NATIVA standards. All our merino wool is sourced from farms who do not practice mulesing and is harmless to human health according to the OEKOTEX 100 Standard.

Mulesing is a farming practice removing substantial areas of excess skin from sheep’s rear ends and was long regarded as inevitable to prevent death from parasitic infestations such as fly strike.
Contemporary breeding and farming approaches eliminate the need for such procedures.
SustainaWOOL GREEN, Responsible Wool Standard and NATIVA certifications require totally mulesing-free wool farming, consequently we are confident to ensure you:
 Our knitwear is produced exclusively from 100% mulesing-free merino wool.
Focuses on mulesing-free farming as well as the use of pain relief during necessary during procedures like tail docking required to avoid fly strike infections.
Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)
Ensures progressive animal and environmental welfare with a strong focus on land health preservation, protecting soil, biodiversity and native species. RWS further ensures social welfare protection of workers. Certification ensures traceability of the wool quality from farm to final product.
Provides a protocol to ensure and certify best practices along the whole supply chain, additionally focusing on reducing environmental impacts on an industry/processing level.
This global standard ensures our merino wool contains no unhealthy levels of harmful substances.